Hit by Russia and honeymoon even economic sanctions

[Saudi issue] settlement scenario of

Hit by Russia and honeymoon even economic sanctions [Saudi problem] scenario Turkey settled conceal the decisive information ... or last oil money says things Saudi journalist, Jamarukashogi Mr. murder, the Saudi, the United States, Turkey but ostensibly of the countries involved, complicated the situation in the Middle East are glimpses behind. For now, it is raising the stock in the international community Turkey is taking advantage of the geographical advantage. Though had been at odds with the United States, under cover in this Dosakusa to release the American pastor, the upper, it reduced the distance to provide information to the United States. Is also picking up one o'clock plunged the Turkish lira. For Turkey of information, initially voice is transferred to the iPhone (iPhone), which was left to her fiance from the Apple Watch, which had a Mr. Kashogi, but it was a commentary that became a source of information, such as author I immediately understood blatant lie to Apple users. This is because, although there is a communication function of the calling to Apple Watch, one is to not operating in Turkey, radio waves can not reach in a closed space, such as the other one is interrogation room.

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